THE Legal defense fund

It is no secret that the rights of Rental Housing Providers, Real Estate Investors, and owners of ALL private properties are constantly being threatened by unconstitutional laws and regulations by government and quasi-government entities.

And when educating and reasoning with these governing bodies fails, what’s left is legal action. Unfortunately, that’s expensive; even a quick judgement can rack up tens of thousands in legal fees, and going to a higher court can literally mean hundreds of thousands.

No single housing provider or business person can—or should have to—shoulder the cost of legal action to protect the rights of all of us, which is why the OREIA Legal Defense Fund was founded in 2018: to help fund those who are defending YOUR RIGHTS.

Our volunteer committee reviews requests for funding, consults with attorneys and experts to determine which will cases have the widest impact, and then contributes to the funding of those cases.

We’d like to contribute more to these worthy actions, but to do that, we need your donations.

Reasons to
Please consider a donation to the OREIA Legal Defense Fund, in whatever amount you can afford -- be that $10, $100, $1,000 or $1,000,000! Click the DONATE  NOW button, and you'll be able to enter your information, and make your donation.

On behalf of Property Owners, Housing Providers and Real Estate Investors statewide, THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!

While donations to the Legal Defense Fund are not tax deductible as contributions, they MAY be deductible as legitimate business expenses. Check with your Tax Accountant.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  All Donations are considered final.  Questions: (859)380-8779 or jjfink1954@gmail.com